Ikebana; Japanese Floral Art

No one doubts that traveling is a real pleasure, traveling to unfamiliar places is usually exciting. It is also true, it will depend on what the purpose of the trip is. Traveling for tourism is not the same as business or work. Anyway, it is a great mix of feelings and emotions.

I like to travel, I love to travel, I love to travel ...; and despite what may seem, I still do not know Japan; subject pending retrieval. For some reasons or others, we have always liked to visit one country more than another. Since I was little, I was always struck by "the Land of the Rising Sun"; who would tell me that over the years I would become ikebanaka and a staunch and passionate follower of the Art of Ikebana.

While it is time to travel to Japan, the best time to visit Japan. He who does not have problems of time and money, will be able to go whenever he pleases; on the other hand, consulted the best time between people known and close to me, who have been able to travel and visit Japan, as well as comments on other travel articles on Japan; everyone thinks that the best season to make the trip is autumn or spring. I also believe that from the point of view of an "ikebanaka", there are two seasons and seasons, they are the ones that will bring us the most;

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The kōyō is a spectacle of nature, with leaves that pass from green to yellow, orange, red or even violet, and can be enjoyed in capital letters in Japan. In fact, hundreds of festivals and special illuminations are organized so that visitors can see the color change of the leaves in all their splendor in parks, temples and shrines all over the country. As an Ikebanaka and nature lover in his own incredible splendor, it is reason enough to choose to make our journey during the fall.

But in addition to this wonderful and unique spectacle of the nature, autumn brings and celebrates a number of festivals and other curiosities, such as the Festivals of Fire; the tasty roasted chestnuts or "Yakiguri" of Kyoto, the richest and most famous in Japan; the delicious tempura of "momiji", maple leaf in Mino Park in Kyoto or other festivals related to the cyclical passage of time, cultivation and harvesting and with the history of the country.

p> Traveling in spring ?. In spring and autumn, temperatures are mild and pleasant; also, we will be able to enjoy the nature in all its splendor, above all, with the beauty of the flowering of the cherry trees or "sakura". Who does not know or have heard of sakura in Japan? Sakura, hanami, cherry blossoms ...; it all sounds to us and what in autumn is the maple, spring is the cherry tree. Hundreds of Japanese and tourists enjoy marveling at the spectacle of sakura, taking advantage of the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms; sufficient justification for making the journey at this time.

But if we travel in this time, we will not only find "sakura". Japan in the spring, is a true visual spectacle, wherever you go and you are, there is a burst of flowers and colors that will make the visits to certain parks, temples and sanctuaries are spectacular; such as the wisteria of Ashikaga Park; a little before the flowering of the cherry trees, in March, we can enjoy the flowering of the plum and just after we can enjoy the explosion of colors of rape, peach, dandelions, carob, azaleas, shiba-zakura ...

As in the autumn, during the spring, there are varied and numerous festivals, which due to their tradition or curiosity, deserve to visit. Thus, we find festivals dedicated to azaleas in temples and sanctuaries throughout the country, such as the Tsutsuji Matsuri at the Nezu Shrine in Tokyo; the Shiba-zakura Matsuri festival in Kawaguchiko, which celebrates the blossoming of the shiba-zakura with Mount Fuji in the background; Hina Matsuri or Girls' Day and non-Sekku Tango or Children's Day; the Mifune Matsuri of Arashiyama in which scenes are depicted over a thousand years ago; the curious and famous phallic festival of Kawasaki ...

We have a difficult decision !. So the best thing to do is to visit Japan in both eras.

Good trip !. Go buji de!

  • Adam Floyd