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We often plant plants only for an ornamental or decorative purpose, without imagining that they could have additional beneficial uses.

I then share five blooming plants with medicinal uses * Violet (Viola odorata ​​i> L.; common violet) : is a herbaceous plant usually found in urban courtyards . Its flowers are in fact violets but also can be found in white color. They have a rich perfume and their striking leaves have a heart-shaped shape. The plant contains mucilaginous substances that are used as expectorants and emollients in syrup form.

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Playera (Catharanthus roseus; sea jasmine ): It is grown as an ornamental plant and grows very well on sandy soil. Its flowers come in white or pink. Its roots, in the form of infusion, are used as purgatives and also as a remedy for toothache. Marigold


/ i>): it is an herbaceous plant of annual growth that we regularly use in the orchards like natural pesticide and also to adorn in the garden. It grows between thirty and sixty centimeters in height and comes in yellow and orange colors. At night their flowers are closed. The plant is used in tinctures and as a disinfectant for ulcers. Its crushed leaves are used to apply on calluses and warts.

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Jasmine of Spain (Jasminum grandiflorum Jasmine , Royal Jasmine ): is a very aromatic ornamental vine shrub and very common in urban courtyards. Its branches are thin and fragile. Its flowers are used in infusions. It has sedative effects.

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* Always remember to consult with your doctor before consuming any of these plants.

/ b> (Editor of the University of Puerto Rico), by Esteban Núñez Meléndez.

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