Reply wants to add Smart Replies to all your messaging apps

For the uninitiated, Smart Reply is Google's clever artificial intelligence-based feature that generates a set of clickable replies based on the context of the message. A new app created by Google's Area 120 incubator called 'Reply, ' is now in beta and gives you smart reply options for most messaging services... Smart Replies might sound robotic/impersonal at times but are a boon when whipping out your phone to draft a full-fledged text simply isn't an option. For example, if a user receives a message like "We're waiting for you!"

The email outlined a few features of the Reply app.

Vacation responder. Reply can check your calendar and tell people if you're not working.

The system will work with Google's Hangouts, Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Slack and Twitter Direct Messages. An example would be receiving messages while driving; using your phone's Global Positioning System and Bluetooth sensors, Smart Reply would know you are in your auto. The Reply software is only available for Android devices and users will have to sign up here in order to try it out for themselves. As of now, smart replies aren't shown in notifications, but with Reply, users will be able to send smart replies directly from the notifications list.

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Reply will also be capable of breaking through users' phone's silent mode in case of an emergency or urgent messages. The feature was created to automatically suggest quick replies to emails based on the context of the messages received by the user. The new project is still in its early development and Google may not even make it widely available outside of its Area 120 testers.

Google is planning to have more interesting features or you can say introducing new modes for Android users like; "Do Not Disturb" feature, which automatically turns on Silent mode when a person is driving or doing something important.

Google is working on a new messaging app that adds smart replies but has not mentioned other details such as the launch time. If you're interested in applying to be in on the trial you'll also have to supply a reason why you want to give it a go.

According to reports by Android Police, Google's experimental lab called Area 120 has developed a new system called Reply that it is testing with volunteers.

  • Desiree Holland