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Gather your materials, make decisions, and get started. Make a tipi in your backyard using only a few supplies, some of which you may have already slept in.

What you will need

Great piece of fabric or other weatherproof material (at least 9 'x 12')
5 wooden poles

Step 1: Create a floor < / h3>

If you want a covered tipi, or one that is especially comfortable and clean, you will need to have more than one ground floor. Before beginning the construction of the structure and walls, you will find an old blanket or a large part of the fabric on the floor. This will be the floor of your tipi.

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Step 2: Put the Poles

The easiest way to create a stable tipi is to tie the first 3 poles together to create a semi-triangle shape, and then add poles around that base. Two of the triangular poles should be near the front of the tipi, and the other at the center of the back. Additional poles should be added one after the other, installation in the same direction, either to the right or to the left.

Step 3: Tie the Poles together

Use strings or ropes to tie all the poles together. The first three base poles should be tied together first, then afterwards all additional poles are added, the string or string should be wove through the poles where they are at the top. Finally, wrap the rope around the top of the tipi several times, then tie a strong knot several times to hold the rope tightly. A non-synthetic rope will work better and will keep the knots better.

Step 4: Cover Tipi

The two front posts should have a space several feet wide between them, in order to create an entrance door into the tipi. The extra fabric left at each end of the crescent is the piece of fabric that can be left hanging, hidden right inside the post on each side, or wrapped tightly around the two poles that make up the door frame

Step 6: Decorate the interior

Depending on whether your tipi is inside or outside, you can decorate the interior as you like. If your tipi is inside the house, make your cozy tipi by adding blankets and pillows inside. If it is outdoors, add some patio furniture, camping blankets, or create a play space for children with toys.

  • Adam Floyd