The Border & raquo; Individual Projects

Dare you get the glaze off,

to cover you that no one is going to portray you

get up hyper bridge,


> that street fighter street.

Change that face of serious,

that encyclopedia intellectual face

I'm going to inject you with the bacteria

pa 'you spin like a trade show

which will explode as a Palestinian.

I know you like pop rock Latin

but this reggaeton puts you in by the intestines below the skirt like a submarine

and you get it from Indian Taino

And you know in in the name of agueymana there is no more na,

for na 'q' I'm going to you I know that I also want to consume your parsley

and you came from the Amazon as Brazil / p>

You came to kill them like Kill Bill

You came to drink draft beer

> you know that with me you have refill

Dare you to get out of the closet

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fire him as a lighter

You're street fighter

Hello, stop the show

the back

/ p>

Now you want your zipi,

It does not matter if you're a rapper or a hippie

> if you are from Bayamón or guaynabo city

with me do not get picky

this is down to buy the tricky < / strong>

It matters a lot if you like green day,

What does it matter if you like cold play

This is straight forward one way,

> I swear that by law

here toas the boricuas know karate

They cook with tomato sauce,

n a little avocado

pa 'reaping 14-carat buttocks

Dare you out of the closet

get up high bridge

give yourself a shot at the fire

put on fire as a lighter

Shake your sweat like you're a wiper

You're street fighter (bis)

  • Adam Floyd