Waymo and Uber reach settlement in trade secret case - attorney

Though Waymo scored points, and may have scored more in non-public trial sessions covering specifics of trade secrets, the settlement indicated the company didn't believe it had struck a "knockout blow", Goldman said. The settlement includes an agreement to ensure that Waymo confidential information is not being incorporated into Uber technology, which Waymo has said was its main goal in bringing the lawsuit.

Five days into an epic court battle that was expected to last for weeks, Uber on Friday abruptly settled a lawsuit from Waymo, part of Google parent Alphabet, over the alleged theft of trade secrets.

Khosrowshahi went on to say Waymo's owner, Alphabet, is an "important investor in Uber" but they are also competitors and won't always agree on everything.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement he believes Uber would have won had the trial moved forward. Google has long invested in autonomous driving as one of its key projects for the future, and Uber saw self-driving cars as critical future part of its plans to offer more ride-sharing services around the world. "I've told Alphabet that the incredible people at Uber ATG [Advanced Technology Group] are focused on ensuring that our development represents the very best of Uber's innovation and experience in self-driving technology". These files allegedly contained the secret LiDAR information that Waymo accused Uber of using to speed the progress of its self-driving vehicle team.

Uber attorney Bill Carmody called the accusations "quite a story" and argued that it's not clear that Uber ever recieved or used the eight alleged trade secrets Waymo asserted that it had received.

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Google's Waymo is the widely acknowledged leader in self-driving technology.

"There is no question that self-driving technology is crucial to the future of transportation-a future in which Uber intends to play an important role".

Waymo's lawsuit said that one of the company's former engineers, Anthony Levandowski, downloaded more than 14,000 confidential files containing designs for autonomous vehicles in December 2015 before he went on to work at Uber in 2016, leading the ride-hailing firm's self-driving auto unit.

The jury was also shown a clip - sent from Levandowski to Kalanick - from the 1987 film "Wall Street" in which the Michael Douglas lead character proclaims "greed is good".

Uber's current CEO Dara Khosrowshahi apologized to Waymo in a statement released shortly after the ruling. "As we change the way we operate and put integrity at the core of every decision we make, we look forward to the great race to build the future". Over the past year, you've been distracted from your mission. When asked on the witness stand why he used it, Kalanick shrugged: "I don't know specifically". Given that landscape, along with the fact that Alphabet CEO Larry Page could have had to testify next week, the settlement makes sense for Waymo, she said.

  • Desiree Holland