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Paul Walker is a 35-year-old Californian model and actor, , famous for his performance in Fast & Furious , among his passions are: surf (quite logical if he is from California), acting, martial arts and sea ocean, which makes his participation in this project is even more coherent, studied marine biology and admirably admired the late French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who would have loved to follow the steps if it had not been for his successful career in acting. >

Finally, Walker is a founder of a nonprofit humanitarian organization Reach Out Woldwide , an organization that is in charge of quickly taking the necessary steps to fully assist the victims of natural disasters around the world, as well Paul Walker is the face of Davidoff's Cool Water men perfume , the first protection of the oceans and the environment.

"P oder collaborating with an institution like National Geographic is a great honor, plus I am proud to be the face of a legendary fragrance like Cool Water, the Ocean has been my first love, my first passion, I feel special thanks to Davidoff for giving me this fantastic opportunity ", said Walker at the press conference that officially unveiled the project which is named Pristine Seas Love The Ocean.


The group of explorers who are part of the Pristine Seas project have gone on to create protected marine areas in the last uncontaminated corners of the oceans. Last year, thanks to this initiative, a reserve of 1,150000 square kilometers was created, in the longest length of the coast of Chile; David Bennett , Vice President of Global National Geographic projects and associations said: "The oceans cover 72% of the earth's surface today in day only 1% of its surface is protected ".

Detalle de Tumulo
Detalle de Tumulo

Nature is wise and like so many living beings on earth (creatures and humans), our Ocean has an extraordinary self-rebuilding ability that naturally blocks the major sources of pollution, David Bennett states that <5> maximum 10 years of constant struggle could be significant to make the sea and consequently our entire planet, return to your original health condition. Factor considered of enormous importance since 90% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the plants that live in the water and the earth.

A truly noble cause in which we could all contribute just by acquiring a delicious men's fragrance in limited edition which is also one of the most sold lotions during the summer season around the world, Cool Water is famous for its exquisite and particular notes of sea and wood, making it a fresh and elegant fragrance. If you are looking for the ideal gift, this could be an interesting alternative.

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Writing and composition: @RocioReyesewest
Photo courtesy: National Geographic / Coty.Inc

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