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We are looking forward to dining at Oriole ... first item, do not expect to valet, a little odd in 2-star Michelin restaurant, fortunately the $ 2 indoor parking lot is not too far away.
Once inside, we were very warmly greeted with a small drink, then taken thru a freight elevator door into a comfortable room. A plethora of servers then descends and each seems to have a specialty, water, menus, warm wet face / hand cloth, etc ... you get the picture.
A description of what is to come then ensues, where we are We are very pleased to hear that you are happy with the choices we have made, and we are very pleased to hear that you have a choice. wine tasting or a $ 250 / pp tasting !!! Yikes, that would be fine, except the $ 125 / pp tasting turns out to be ok, ordinary, to us, recent vintage wines, sake and cider that appeared to be at the low end of the spectrum spectrum. The food is delightful, with only a slight misstep among the many courses, that being a new course, that evening, of crab with a reduction sauce that overpowers the delicate crab. Starting with caviar, and being served a pasta dish with freshly grated truffle (though not much flavor to that truffle) shows a commitment to high-quality ingredients. We left satisfied and not overly full. The pace though, was almost too fast ... there is not enough time to finish your wine before another course arrives and a new wine is poured. Strangely, some finished glasses are left on the table for up to two future courses ... a strange glitch in otherwise excellent and warm service. We were done with over 10 major courses and several smaller ones in about 2 hours! As I said, fast! This was a contrast to a birthday meal we had last year at another highly rated restaurant, where 12 courses took over 4 hours and felt towards the end, like a death march. So on the whole a positive experience, expensive, but positive! We will return ...

  • Adam Floyd