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What a beautiful, sunny week it has been in Sayulita! Days have been warm and slightly humid, with the afternoons and evenings cooling off just enough to give us a nice break from the heat while we take in those spectacular sunsets. July is really a great time to be in Sayulita!

This week's "Green" Sayulero features a report from Julia Caranci on the first planting effort of Sayulita Verde, and an interview with Viveros Villanueva's Miguel Angel Villanueva Lopez. If you're looking for something green to do this weekend, get out and plant a tree (or 3!) With Sayulita Verde! The second volunteer planting effort will be Saturday morning, July 18th. Meet at the old Aguacate Cantina (near the intersection of Av. Revolucion and the Punta de Mita hwy), and bring a pointed digging spade along with you for planting. For more info, contact luisaviteri@gmail.com.

My summer loves for the week? Nights with no plans; a laid-back Vallarta day without lines or crowds; and heaps of organic basil from Daniel's garden.

Happy reading! xo, Andrea Villarrubia

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What a beautiful week of sunshine it has been in Sayulita! Days have been warm and slightly humid, with evenings and cooler evenings to give us a good break from the heat when looking at the spectacular sunsets. This month, El Sayulero "Verde" has an article by Julia Caranci about Sayulita Verde and an interview with the owner of Viveros Villanueva, Miguel.

Angel Villanueva López. If you are looking for something "green" to do this weekend, why not plant a tree (or 3) with Sayulita Verde !? The second volunteer effort of the plantation will be the morning of Saturday, July 18. They will join in Cantina Aguacate (near the intersection of Av. Revolution and the Punta de Mita road), and bring an excavation shovel with you. For more information, you can contact luisaviteri@gmail.com.

Enjoy the Sayulero!
xo, Andrea Villarrubia

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