Senate reaches budget deal

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said it was unclear how long Pelosi would go on for, but she had water to keep her hydrated.

Meadows told MSNBC Wednesday that a bipartisan deal will draw "120 or 140 Democrats and maybe about the same on Republicans sending this to the president's desk".

Publishing group Tronc said it reached a deal to sell the LA Times and San Diego Union-Tribune to Soon-Shiong's Nant Capital for US$500 million (S$660 million) plus the assumption of US$90 million in pension liabilities.

The dueling Federal Bureau of Investigation memos, presidential tweets and stock market twists and turns have dominated every media platform - as they did during the Republican retreat last week and may again during this week's Democratic retreat, where Democrats must establish their priorities and messaging for the rest of the year.

In addition, Democrats won an additional $57 billion over two years in new funding for domestic programs - $26 billion for the remainder of this fiscal year, which began October 1, and $31 billion for fiscal year 2019.

The White House said the deal also includes an extension, until March 2019, of the government's debt ceiling. House GOP appropriators unveiled the short-term spending bill, known as continuing resolution (CR), that would also fund the military at increased levels through the rest of the fiscal year, which ends September 30.

A multi-year deal is something Mattis and other Pentagon officials have beseeched Congress for. "When you put it all together, a quarter-trillion-dollar increase in discretionary spending is not what we're supposed to be doing".

"No one would suggest it's flawless, but we worked hard to find common ground", said McConnell, who announced the agreement on the Senate floor.

"I can not overstate the negative impact to our troops and families' morale from all this budget uncertainty", said Defense Secretary James Mattis at the White House.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also appeared to confirm that 2018 spending would be in the rough area of $700 billion.

Instead, the Kentucky Republican says the initial measure before lawmakers will be a bill that doesn't address the politically charged subject.

Dairy farmers in Upstate New York would benefit from an investment of more than $1 billion into a safety net program for family farmers who have seen prices drop by one-third or more since 2014, Schumer said.

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Ryan's statement is also a favor to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who agreed to schedule a floor debate on amnesty for February 8.

The measure would not provide a fix for undocumented immigrants brought to the children. The bottom line is this has an very bad lot for Democrats to like, but perhaps more importantly, is extremely consequential for Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer's caucus.

"I am all in for the proposal that was explained to me", Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of SC said as he came out of McConnell's office.

The agreement would increase the government's borrowing cap to prevent a first-ever default on USA obligations that looms in just a few weeks.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that she and "a large number" of fellow Democrats will oppose a spending deal to keep the government open unless she's guaranteed a vote on immigration legislation.

The government was shut down for three days last month after Democrats sought to have a spending bill include protections for the Dreamers. Under budget caps set in 2011, defense spending would have been capped at $549 billion this year. And, according to Roll Call, House Democrats might look to use that leverage to demand that Speaker Paul Ryan commit to bringing up an immigration bill for debate on the House floor.

"I'm afraid the numbers will get so high and the debt ceiling will get added and it will be a Christmas tree of spending - that a lot of votes will be bought", Rep. Mark Meadows said earlier Wednesday.

The cromnibus idea has been pushed for months not just by the Freedom Caucus but by the Republican Study Committee, the larger conservative caucus, and defense hawks on the Armed Services Committee. Trump threatened on Tuesday to upend budget talks by saying he would welcome a government shutdown if Congress were not able to agree to changes in immigration law that he said would prevent criminals from entering the country.

If it passes, it would give Congress six weeks to craft a spending bill for the rest of 2018 that meets the new budget targets before the government runs out of money again.

And moderate Democratic senators seeking reelection in states President Trump won in 2016 urged Pelosi to support an impending budget agreement despite concerns with immigration policy.

That idea, however, a nonstarter with Senate Democrats, who insist that increases to both the Pentagon and domestic programs advance at the same time. It also might approve crucial legislation to increase the government's borrowing limit to avoid possible default. In other words, she highlighted how important the issue is to the Democratic Party.

  • Adam Floyd