Rescue a red squirrel baby. of a fallen chanel in Scotland -

March 29 (UPI) - The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Scotland helped rescue a baby squirrel from a fallen tree. The charity for animal welfare was alerted to the presence of a squirrel's nest in a fallen tree in Aberdeenshire, where a one week old red squirrel was dubbed Billy.

The squirrel of the baby was taken to the National Wildlife Rescue Center in Fishcross to be rehabilitated by Sheelagh McAllister.

"Sheelagh is our most experienced breeder of red squirrels and Billy currently needs frequent syringe feeding "said the SPCA.

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Billy will be syringe-fed for about five weeks and will remain in the shelter until he is completely independent.

Ideally, he will be part of a group of squirrels red that can be returned to nature together, "said the SPCA.

The SPCA it turned anyone who did lawn work into the habitat of squirrels during the nesting season.

"The nesting season for squirrels and birds is well advanced, so we urge people to be careful when cutting trees and trim the fences, "said the animal care organization. "It's best to first check for nests to avoid accidents."

  • Adam Floyd