the Greek mathematician Arquitas of Tarentus built a bird m by on Prezi

Transcript of the Greek mathematician Arquitas of Tarentum built a bird m

History of the Robots Greek mathematician Arquitas de Talento built a steam-powered mechanical bird and whom he called "The Dove." Also the engineer Heron of Alexandria
The Robotics and its applications in the computer science
Types of robot can have of diverse configurations, what they have in common these robots is that they are sedentary. These are designed to move their terminals with limited freedom and according to certain coordinate systems creation of robots in computer science and robots are created with the aim of their research of information technology as it could be: cineca robotica percepsion control and everything Many large companies, such as Intel, Sony, General Motors, Dell, have implemented robotic units in their production lines to perform tasks that would normally have played flesh and blood workers in times above. there are six types of android robots mobile medical industrial polyarticulate telemarketers Jacques de Vaucanson

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