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I would like this to make a series of threads for those of you who want to practice some writing skills. On this thread you will be able to write more than just one sentence.

And remember, this is just for practice, nothing you write needs to be true

Please read the guidelines carefully

Write simple structures and use the tenses you know.

Find some help on the Pepa threads .

Intermediate or advanced

You may write to TEN LINES

Use more difficult structures.

Instead of simply giving a description, write an anecdote of some kind, for

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If you are learning both languages, you can post in both languages.

> So tell us all about your plans, anything special coming up?

What do you do in your country, do you have a dinner with your family, like we do in Spain? Do you go out, do you not celebrate anything?

A big party maybe?

Maybe you want to tell us about your New Year's resolutions, Remember the word for resolution is: purpose !!

Remember, you can always invent something

that you have seen my corrections

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