Three Turkish soldiers killed in attacks in Syria's Afrin, Turkey's Kilis

The attack on the tank, details of which were not disclosed, was also the single deadliest attack on the military of the offensive so far.

Turkish media say nine people were wounded in a barrage of rockets fired at two border towns in Turkey across from the Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin.

Ankara says that major progress has been made in the 15-day operation, with nearly 900 YPG fighters killed so far although it is not possible to verify these figures. "Five of our comrades in arms were martyred", a statement by the Turkish General Staff said.

In retaliation, Turkish war planes carried out air strikes on the area from where the attack was carried out, destroying shelters and munitions dumps, it added.

The YPG militants attacks on civilian areas come amid the Turkish military operation in Afrin, northwestern Syria, near the border.

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In a statement by the Turkish General Staff it said that a total of 538 terrorist targets were also hit since the beginning of the Operation Oliven Branch.

The suspect who was killed had entered Turkey illegally and received training from a branch of the Syrian Kurdish PYD group, the governor's office said.

About the rocket attacks carried out by the YPG/PKK militants based in Syria on Turkey, he blamed the US and European countries for providing weapons to the terror group. But the group said, "Turkey's generous hosting of large numbers of Syrians does not absolve it of its responsibility to help those seeking protection at its borders".

On Jan. 20, Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch along with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to clear PYD/PKK and Daesh terrorists from Afrin, northwestern Syria.

  • Adam Floyd