Scouts of the World Program, Costa Rica

On Sunday, May 6, the Commission presented two SDM Acknowledgments to young people from the first generation of the Program in Costa Rica.

Roberto Aguilar Abarca, a 27- the Puntarenas Region carried out a project in the Environmental Education Area on Lora Tortoise Conservation in Playa Hermosa, which was successfully implemented, attracting more than 1,500 people both nationally and internationally. This project had a positive impact on the community and the young people who participated in it, thus promoting the awareness of conservation of this species in the area of ​​Playa Hermosa.

On the other hand, Ana Gabriela Bonilla Rubí, a 20 year old girl from the San José Region, carried out her project in the Education for Development Area at a children's home called Motherly Care Children's Home , in Nayrobi, Kenya. His project is called Dreaming a Journal and seeks to provide support to the formal education of the 150 children in this home, in order to promote a better quality of life for them. His trajectory during this project left a mark, not only in the home, but in each of the children he was living with.

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These two young people, with the conclusion of these projects, were thus able to deserve of Scouts of the World, which incorporates them into the World Scouts of the World Network, an international network of volunteers.

On the part of the Scouts of the World Commission many congratulations and we hope that these young people will be a source of inspiration for many and we can generate a change in our world.

Scouts of the World Commission of Costa Rica

  • Adam Floyd