HUMMINGBIRD: Picaflor (Leyrian Guaraní)

The elders say that the great Tupa is just and good when righteous and good is the intention of men. And the intention of Potí and Guanumby was the noblest that exists in this world: to love always and much, beyond heaven and earth, time and death, life and humanity. their families of enemy tribes and so long ago that they hated that nobody knew the reason anymore. They say Potí was beautiful. Beautiful as dawn in spring. Beautiful as the evening wind that drags the leaves in autumn and relieves the men of summer. Beautiful as the sun that caresses the faces and shines the shadow of winter. Guanumby had no trouble falling in love, and soon Potí also loved him.

One and ten thousand times they found themselves beyond the white mount, under the Creole willow, without anyone seeing them. But one day Potí's sister suspected. Sigilosa followed her to the mountain and discovered the secret. Then he confided it to his father.

The next day, as usual, Guanumby crossed the white mountain and waited under the willow tree. But Potí did not arrive. Desperate, he approached the village, at the risk of being killed. And he found Poti arguing earnestly with the chieftain of his tribe:

- I will never allow it! He shouted.

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─I am in love with Guanumby! You must understand, Father!

─ Never! In the morning you will marry one of us, and that is my last word.

Then Guanumby came out of hiding. As if they had been able to rehearse it one and ten thousand times, they shouted in unison, to the horror of the cacique:

─Oh, great Tupa, do not allow it!

Guanumby, at the same time, became as light as air: two tiny, almost transparent, swift wings kept him in flight, and, desperate to find Poti, awkwardly left the place. Since then the search. Smell every flower from every hill of every village. He kisses with his beak the most beautiful corollas with the secret hope of finding it. They say that some men saw him and were amazed by the color of their feathers and the speed of their movements.

"Picaflor" they named it, because one and ten thousand times they saw him digging with his beak inside the flowers, unaware that Guanumby only seeks the kisses of his beloved.

  • Adam Floyd