MYTHS AND REINCIDENCES: The poets in love with Lupe Vélez

It is said that José Gorostiza, the author of Death without End , was in love "what purity of contours, what flower skin" , by Lupe Vélez , "light foot like feather bird", during the time when she was tiple in Mexico City "on the music of your look" / em>.

The painter Rufino Tamayo had in his speech My language: painting , that "We, our group, met every Saturday for the afternoon to go to Sanborn's de Madero or play billiards and then to the Lyric Theater where we saw Celia Montalbán and Lupe Vélez. The magazine theater became so interesting that we even wrote a work called Black coffee . Salvador Novo, Pepe Gorostiza, Villaurrutia and Jaime Torres Bodet wrote the sketches, Lazo and I did the scenography To be in tune with the fashion that came from the United States, José Gorostiza put lyrics in Spanish to a song very famous who came here at the time and was called Rose-Marie . "

Guillermo Sheridan, in the essay Contemporaries yesterday , refers to the friendship between Eduardo Luquín and Gorostiza, about which he mentions: "Luquín tries to remove Gorostiza from his isolation, drags him to the dances and the theater, where he does not change his character, although he does fall in love with the actress Lupe Vélez, who tells him all his misfortunes.

Gorostiza would not be the only case of a poet seduced by its beauty during that primitive stage in the bataclán. Gabriel Ramirez in a careful biography, Lupe Vélez, the Mexican spitting fire , points out: "To the chorus of Lupe fans, the voice of young bohemians and poets (among them Ponciano Guerrero, Renato Leduc, Juan Bustillo Gold, Jesús Flores Aguirre, José Valenzuela Rodríguez) of the group Ateneo de la Juventud, that on August 30, 1925 they would announce their passion for her in a rapturous and compromising

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At the foot of a photo of Lupe Vélez, the Yucatecan poet Ermilo Abreu Gomez wrote: " If there was no Sor Juana, you would be the tenth muse " .

  • Adam Floyd