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Throwback to Halloween Time

Time to Throw It Back Happy Throwback Thursday neighbors! Where you come from, where you call home is part of who you are. Welcome to the Live Like a Local blog series that explores the hometowns that have taken root in Southern Orange County.

Every week we welcome you to explore with us, as we take in the vibrant culture, beautiful histories and exquisite homes created in our own backyard. Because it's always a great day for Throwback Thursday in Orange County! Today we decided to take a detour outside San Clemente. October is the perfect time to explore our home away from home at the happiest place on earth - Disneyland.

Where did it all start? It started with the annual Anaheim Halloween Festival. Today it is known as the Anaheim Fall Festival and Anaheim Halloween Parade. Since 1924, Halloween has held a special magic for the people of Orange County and a special place at the heart of Disneyland in Anaheim.


Anaheim Historical Society Photo - Halloween Kiddie Parade in the 1950s

Known as the "biggest Halloween party in the nation," the parade was first held on October 30, 1924 as part of the larger Anaheim Hallowe'en Festival that was begun the year before. That year, an estimated 20,000 people from nearby Orange County towns crowded Center Street to watch grand marshals Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth in the parade. From there, the Halloween tradition was born in Anaheim.

Anaheim Historical Society Photo - The theme of the 1953 Anaheim Halloween Parade was "Out of This World"

From Disney-themed floats to Disney characters serving the marshals to Disneyland-run parades, the Anaheim Halloween Festival becomes part of a long-standing tradition. It became known as how Orange County celebrates Halloween in Anaheim. In fact, ever since Disney first played a role in the festival, Disneyland has a long track record of celebrating Halloween both inside and outside the gates of the park. And, today Halloween Time is a staple of the Disneyland experience.

Anaheim Historical Society Photo - Disneyland Opening Day, July 17, 1955

Thank you to the Anaheim Halloween Parade, Anaheim Historical Society and Disney History Institute for the local history, the best shown in their original photos A true testament to living in Orange County!

If you want more information about this year's Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade (Saturday, October 29 at 6pm), please visit the Official Facebook Page or Event Page. Enjoy!

The Halloween celebration at Disneyland has come a long way since its inception. From trick or treating to Mickey's Halloween Treat in 1995 to the official Halloween Time debut in 2006, Orange County residents have been unearthing tricks and treats at Disneyland during the most bewitching time of year. And, it's wicked fun for everyone!

Disney Photo - Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort

Many of us grew up on Disney and hold a special place in our hearts for Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth for many reasons, but Halloween Time is one of them.

Disney Photo - You are here: Home / Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort

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