The Wild Window: The man who whispered to the bees

Today I spent half a day chasing bees (Lasioglossum leucozonium) without too much luck. In a mere three meters of fence covered by a bush that seemed to attract attention, showy bees, some larger, some smaller, some with black eyes, others with colorful tones, rested from their frantic work taking breath for brief intervals of time . To add emotion, the flash, the camera-to-camera connection, or a combination of both has been failing throughout the session, so many good shots have been lost.

The truth is that it was difficult: not counting the camera failures, these bichejos were not still more than a second usually, being rare that gave me the time to photograph. The first of them is photographed in a hurry from afar. The second is frightened by a cloud (today I have seen several bees and flies that, with the clouds, bent their heads and stayed still). Below, some of the failed shots that have been left out.

When the flash failed, they were sub / overexposed, and when trying to fix them, the noise generated makes it not worth showing them to a larger size than as I show on these lines.

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I also found the next fly, which I have not been able to identify.

UPDATE: Thanks to Virtual Biodiversity , we now know that the fly below belongs to the Therevidae family. Similar to other flies in the area, something larger, but no more than a moscardon, and brown, including its wings, which also had a black veined.

With this little fly with bulging eyes and almost alien face, we close the entrance today. I'll bring you more porn pictures!

  • Adam Floyd