China denies spying on African Union, calls French report 'preposterous'

Kuang Weilin, the Chinese ambassador to the AU, told reporters in Ethiopia the "absurd" claim in France's Le Monde was "very hard to understand".

Recall that Buhari was at the weekend named as African Union (AU) Anti-Corruption Champion at the 30th African Union meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Kuang Weilin told reporters in Ethiopia that it was "very hard to understand" Le Monde's claims and that the story was certain to "create problems for China-Africa relations".

The African Union's shiny new headquarters was built and paid for by the Chinese government, as a gift to its "African friends".

The AU has declined to respond to the story.

Anonymous sources told the newspaper that the discovery in January 2017 resulted in the change of servers while security experts from Algeria who checked the entire building found microphones installed in desks.

The theme, according to the AU, presents a unique opportunity to reflect on and address specific challenges related to the fight against corruption on the continent.

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It is reported that Trump's letter extended his "deepest compliments" to African counterparts, adding that he respects their mutual friendship and shared values with Africa and its people.

Rather than issuing an angry condemnation of 's reported comments in which he likened Africa to a filthy toilet, the may decide to follow the advice of its new chairman, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, to deal with the US president as the leader of a country elected by his people.

"I want to underscore that the United States deeply respects the people of Africa, and my commitment to strong and respectful relationships with African nations as sovereign nations is firm", Trump wrote in the letter. But Monday he would only say African leaders had received a "letter of correspondence" from and "we've taken due note of it".

He said the world must stop directing all focus to the return of radicalised foreign fighters in the Western nations while paying less attention to those who may return to areas with terrorist cells in Africa.

"I don't worry about being spied on in AU headquarters".

"I would only have wished that in Africa we had got our act together earlier on", Reuters quotes him as saying. "We should have been able to build our own building".

  • Adam Floyd