Nicole Eggert particulars alleged Scott Baio sexual abuse with Megyn Kelly

Baio would allegedly grope her, pull her up onto his lap and sneak kisses with her while on set, Eggert said.

As we previously reported, Nicole Eggert accused Scott Baio of molesting her between the ages of fourteen and seventeen during production of the classic sitcom Charles in Charge.

Baio denies all claims of abuse and was invited on to the show to tell his side of the story.

The interview with Dr. Oz never aired due to a cease and desist letter from Baio's attorneys.

Eggert, who also co-starred on "Baywatch", first went public with allegations against Baio over the weekend. He also was telling me, you know, 'You can't tell anybody, this is illegal, I'll go to jail, the show will be over, everyone will be sued, you'll be out of a job, you'll ruin everybody's life, ' and it's scary. "That is when the sexual touching and abuse started, after that".

In a 16-minute-plus video, Baio sits at a desk as if it were a formal press conference, going through a stack of documents (which are all posted on social media in their entirety) to prove Eggert wrong.

"I'm a surgeon, I have very high standards for everything I do", he said. It wasn't a hold me down, rape me kind of situation, no, not at all.

"Nicole Eggert has been claiming I had sex with her before she was 18 at least since 2013", Baio wrote on Facebook.

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Baio has insisted that Eggert was 18 years old when they first had sex, and Eggert says she was 17 years old, which would legally make her a minor in the state of California.

Baio claims that they did have sex but it only happened when she was eighteen. "For me, it was always protecting the show, protecting that whole legacy that nothing happened there". She said he told her that he loved her, and he hoped that one day when she was of age, the two of them could be together.

"If I could go back to a younger Nicole, I would tell her that she doesn't have to be ashamed", she told Kelly.

When Kelly asked how often that happened, Eggert shared, "That happened quite often, through the age of 16".

Eggert says she is exploring all legal options and is considering filing a police report. He called her allegations "100% lies" before issuing a full rebuttal on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Eggert's "Charles in Charge" castmates, Alexander Polinsky and Adam Carl, have supported the actress and have come to her defense, recalling witnessing Baio's inappropriate behavior on set.

Finally, Nik Richie, the Dirty host who interviewed Eggert, said in a statement that the actress had told him that Eggert mentioned the abuse off the air. She said 'he molested me as a child and I didn't know any better.' I can vividly remember that statement ...

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