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Metrosideros fulgens is a liana of the endemic forest or creeper of New Zealand. In this context the term rat is derived from the Maori language rātā which serves to designate several trees of the genus Metrosideros and has nothing to see its name with rodents.

It develops in coastal and lowland forests throughout the North Island and the west coast of the South Island. It is one of several species of Metrosiderus in New Zealand that end their lives as vines, unlike the northern rat tree (M.robusta) , which usually begins like a hemiepiphyte and grows into a large tree. The scarlet rat climber is one of the best-known climber species because it blooms in autumn or winter and is often too visible in well-lit guest trees along the roads in the woods with vibrant displays of large flowers red (sometimes orange or yellow) that rise above the canopy of the forest.



M. fulgens

There are several cultivars of M. fulgens . Metrosideros 'Gold' has yellow leaves from late summer to early winter and grows 1.5 by 1.5 meters, taking some years to reach that size. It has a bright green living foliage very attractive, and can be molded to form hedges. Another cultivar, Metrosideros fulgens 'Jaffa' is a compact shrub that produces bright orange shrill flowers.

  • Adam Floyd