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Hummingbird Hawk-moth flying over a lilac bush

German name: Kolibrischwärmer | Taulenschwänzchen

Lepidoptera - Sphingidae - Macroglossum -

Macroglossum stellatarum | (Linnaeus, 1758)

Those little guys are really fast and kinda hyperactive, your only chance to get them on a chip :-)

In this case I was watching this cutie being busy behind the lilac blooms, knowing it would eventually emerge over them, so I pre-focused roughly to that point and waited ...

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Note that even 1 / 500s was not fast enough to freeze those busy wings and tongue completely!

That lilac bush was btw like a magnet for all kinds of butterflies Kawanon 105mm ƒ / 2.8 preset (T2- (C / Y-> E-mount)

p> @ ƒ / 5.6 ≙ 315mm ƒ / 11 (2x Macro Teleplus and crop 1.5x)

available light | manual focusing and exposure | handheld

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No post production, only RAW conversion in ACR 9.1.1

  • Adam Floyd