Removal of Rodents The DESRATIZATION program includes the installation of an external sanitary cord to the installations, using state-of-the-art technology. To this end, bait stations that are monitoring devices designed to contain the bait safely will be installed in order to guarantee its fresh state for a longer time; with a device that prevents the rodenticidal bait is in contact with the ground, with the water and in general keeps the bait more secure. Each box has a key lock.

Insects Trawlers We are effective at eliminating cockroaches, spiders, ants, etc. through the use of substances called desiccants, which literally resect any animal or animal that has direct contact with them. Flying Insects We guarantee the elimination of flying insects like flies, mosquitoes, termites, etc. through the use of modern techniques and the application of lamps and gratings that trap insects, giving their spaces the environment you need.

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and sanitized areas such as bathrooms, offices, transportation of food, homes, etc. Our technique includes fumigation by Ultra Low Volume and the use of the best disinfectant on the market, which by its wide spectrum attacks viruses, bacteria and fungi, controlling each area as walls, floors, tables, instruments, etc. We comply with the infection control requirements that could occur in areas of Hospitals, Laboratories, Blood banks, etc. Its effectiveness ensures the protection for staff as well as for patients.

Other PlaguesOur services extend to the control and extermination of pests that attack vegetation, such as the aphids.
We also capture and relocate domestic animals such as cats, dogs, or wild animals such as birds.

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