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Desire , Desana , Wira or Mimi pora are an indigenous ethnic group native to the jungles of the high basin of the Vaupés river, especially in the basin of its tributaries, Caño Abiyú, Cucura, Timbó and Murutinga and the Papúrí river, in the Colombian department of Vaupés and the surrounding area in the state of Amazonas (Brazil) The Desano (wira porá : "sons of the wind") can be defined as an exogamous patrilineal "fratria", which makes part of a regional system of linguistically differentiated exogamous fractals. The Desano marries a person of another fratria or ethnicity, preferably with the Piratapuyo ('' wa'í) , Wanano (dehkosirú) , Tucano (Nahséa ) or Siriano (Seléa) . Other ethnicities or exogamous fratrias, mainly of tukano languages ​​also form part of this regional system of Vaupés, based on the intermarriage between them. The Fray of the Desano is made up of 30 "sib" or patrilineal clans, each of which is considered descended from a common ancestor and ancestor. Each sib occupies a communal house or "maloca" (wi'í) , where 5 to 8 families live, about 35 people. The malocas are rectangular with a gabled roof, thatched palm leaves, which reaches almost to the ground and with walls of bark or slats and, with two doors, the main entrance facing the river and the exit next opposite can only be used by those who live there.

The maloca is divided into four sections by an axis (gumú) that goes from the entrance to the exit and three "red jaguars "perpendicular to the axis, which are horcones painted red and black spots. This creates a male section between the entrance and the "jaguar center" and a female section between it and the exit and also the sections of the youngsters on the left of the axis and the majors on the right.

Our world is made up of water and land (jungle). Around it, the air expands between this natural and supernatural world where the energy that controls power and strength, physical and spiritual phenomena, life and fertility abounds. The lower part of the cosmos is constituted by a "river of milk" (ahpikon dia) female and a "milk land" (ahpikon yéba) wrapped and contained by the " (ahpikon wi'i) protected by the hummingbird, which is conceived as a uterus or placenta where the spirits of the dead go.

Father Sol (pagé abé) is the creator who has originated all things (energy, air, water and earth) and has a representative, one of which is the daytime sun and the other the moon, conceived as night sun It is also represented by the "characters of the days" (êmêkóri mahsá), who govern the time and intervene to mediate conflicts and the "characters of blood" (diroá mahsá) , which protect people and live near malocas. Jaguars are also delegates of the sun, the priests and the paye.

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When a boréka ("trout") fish fell in love with a man and cohabited with him. Their children were the first Desano, who are considered protected by the hummingbird (mimí) who also identifies with the wind. When the Desano die, they become hummingbirds. The Desano cohabited with different females and thus originated the different sibs. They should not marry or have sexual intercourse with female deans or commit incest, which would have catastrophic consequences for nature and the cosmos, as it is said to have happened when the sun committed incest with her daughter. The daughter of the sun is described as the transmitter of the culture desano.

Desanos are considered hunters and appreciate hunting as the main activity of men, which in fact provides 25% of food. Within the regional system of ethnics and fratrials, a division of labor is conceived in which the Piratapuyo, Wanano, Tucano and Siriano are conceived as fishermen, and the women of the fishing communities are considered analogous to the fish that joined the ancestor of all Desano. Other groups are considered farmers: Tuyuca, Yuruti, Carapaná, Cubeo.

In order to hunt the man, he prepares himself as a child, learns what animals can be hunted and when, how to attract the prey, behavior that includes not making fun of the hunted animal. In addition, before hunt, he must abstain from sexual relations, purify his weapons, invoke with the payé the daughter of the sun, the owners and spirits to find the prey and carry amulets. When hunting and after hunting you must perform certain specific practices. The rituals of the first hunt are special.

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