Trump ready to apologize over Britain First retweets

His answer is a clear "no".

"I know nothing about them, I don't want to be involved with people (like that)", Trump told Morgan.

"I'm for women. I'm for men".

DT: "Here's what's fair: if you're telling me these are awful people, frightful racist people, I would certainly apologise if you'd like me to do that".

"I am a gay millennial woman and I voted for Donald Trump because I oppose the political correctness movement, which has become a fascist ideology of silence and ignorance".

Other people chimed in to rationalize that Trump saying "I'm for everyone" did actually align with the ideas of feminism, even though his track record has proven otherwise.

Trump made the remarks in an interview with host Piers Morgan to be broadcast Sunday. "I hope that women stand up and speak out against it".

"Can I get an apology out of you, just for the retweets?". If we don't evolve, there's something missing.

When asked about "women who think he is the worst kind of sexist, misogynist pig", Trump replied: 'Well, I am for them. and I think a lot of them understand that'. He is due to visit later this year with demonstrations expected because of his policies on climate change and immigration, and controversy over his comments about women.

"Of course I didn't know that", the president responded.

Morgan interjects: "Let's not be too hasty Mr President".

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"We are very much joined at the hip when it comes to the military".

PM: You have a lot of strong women around you. There's nobody better than me on the military. "When you do those retweets they can cause problems because you never know who's doing it to start off with".

Piers Morgan sat down with United States President Donald Trump and confronted him about anti-Muslim tweets.

The television personality wrote in a later tweet: 'Massive global outrage & mockery over President Trump telling me he's not a feminist.

Trump said he "would certainly apologize" - framing his mea culpa as a hypothetical - "if you're telling me they're horrible people, horrible, racist people".

Twitter, meanwhile, was buzzing after the interview was revealed.

Does anyone on the planet really doubt that Donald Trump would negotiate this harder than Theresa May and her government? Next story: matches cause fires'.

Trump and many of his supporters, however, have reduced feminism to an ideology rooted in hostility toward men.

A weak dollar would potentially boost USA exporters, fulfilling part of Trump's America First mantra, but cause headaches for all other trading nations.

PM: "And you would disavow yourself of people like that?"

  • Adam Floyd