Some people already know this story. I find it particularly sad, but very interesting. A love story! "Once upon a time there was a very ugly girl named Griselda. Like every girl, Griselda dreamed of finding a love with whom she would marry and would have children, but with those narrow, bulging eyes, that nose she was a sweet, gentle, and affectionate creature, her voice was soft, and she was speaking softly, and her voice was soft and gentle.

One full moon night, returning from work in the field, Griselda heard the seductive voice of a boy who was lost in the pitch of the road because of the many clouds that covered the moon. As she had a heart of infinite goodness, Griselda went to help the young man find his way. The girl was so gentle and delicate that the young man fell in love. They were completely in love, but the boy had only seen the beautiful.

When the clouds gave way to moonbeams, the road lit up and the young man came upon such an ugly figure that he regretted his request for marriage. Frightened, he asked Griselda to wait for him there and that he would return. The escaped boyfriend turned his back and went far away.

Griselda, lit by the huge moon, stood in the middle of the sertão waiting for the beloved who did not return, and began to cry. It was then that a sorceress appeared on the road and asked what had happened to the young woman. Griselda told her everything and witch and asked if she had not seen her fiancé. The sorceress laughed: "This boy has escaped his ugliness! He will not come back any more! ".

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With her eyes accustomed to the darkness, Griselda hid in a hollow tree at the first rays of the sun, because she could not see. Every night the bird flew in an attempt to find it.

This bird griseus) is called the Urutau, or mother-of-the-moon, which sleeps during the day and hunting and breeding at night. When it is full moon, the urutau sings a sad melody, the lament of a girl without his love, who repeats: "It was ... was ... was ...".

Text: Beatriz Lopes

  • Adam Floyd