Birds of Cholula

A year after the oil spill, migratory birds have not gone as badly as expected, here is the National Geographic note

p> Can you imagine a guide with photos like this?

Well apparently this is the idea of ​​modern field guides like The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds, hopefully we will soon have one for Birds in Mexico , although to me to have this one in particular I would love it !!!

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Photo in Flickr of fveronesi1

Via burdr (interesting page of ornithological disclosure) I came across this video that briefly tells the life of the naturalist Roger ToryPeterson, pioneer author of modern bird guides. The truth with the little that I know of his life causes me much admiration. Besides it is with your guide "Birds of Mexico" that I am learning to identify birds. Experts recommend other guides, but they are hard to find and also carry in the bag everywhere. This guide is small and provides enough information to look for later in other sources.

Check and tell me what you think?

Well I am already convinced that if this app extends for birds in Mexico, I buy an iPhone. It seems that BirdsEye allows you to locate birds you do not know, known or specific birds, as well as rare species depending on where you are located. Using Google Maps and map marks by observers, by what "expert scientists" say, or at least people contributing to the eBird project and the Cornell lab of Ornithology, you can identify species seen recently in certain places, as well as images and sounds of them.

Does it sound good?

  • Adam Floyd