White Cacas

Track Name: Garbage mountain There's a mountain of garbage in front of me
It's so high that I can barely see what's behind
If you're going to feed it, you're going to die
Huele so bad I almost can not stop potting

The mountain of garbage never stops growing
Every time I have less space to be able
From it come disgusting rats that want to bite me | less air to breathe

Things are done like this
Do not want to try to change, DO NOT DESERVE!
Never question the power
It will not happen to you to think, OBEY!

You're going to have to eat junk, they're going to force you. If they can make you swallow it, throw it away.
They want you to make the mountain great, like the others
Never let this surround you, bust it up

Things are done like this
Do not wanna try to change them, DO NOT DESERVE!
Never question the power
It will not happen to you to think, OBEY!

Track Name: Puto football Watch out for the neck that you're going to leave
take the eye off the TV , just like Madrid plays
The bars are made for another purpose,
to be watching the game I prefer to march from here

Billions of stupid people watching television,
because four chorralaire are kicking a ball
You think they are gladiators, I tell you I do not,
mercenaries with mercedes who earn more than a trillion

Bars are the pillars for another revolution, to read the mark that you lose the best
The woods in the field have you under control,
you'll be in the party, me stealing a truck from Prosegur

How nice is the street with all in San Mamés
take advantage, do not be silly do not you see that now they do not see you?
Set fire to whatever you want but before you undress, steal a bench, make graffiti and fuck soccer!

Ladies who wake up with their chair and their parasol
daring bathers, exposed secrets
Rats and compresses that walk along the shore and in the Txondorra do not have sun protection

In the beach of Bilbi there are no showers
In the beach of Bilbi there is no distress station
In the beach of Bilbi you fight
In the beach of Bilbi you do not need hondartzainas

Pirates without flag with beer belly
Brains destroyed, brains to destroy
It is a neighborhood that always has black flag,
in Bilbao La Vieja will attack you speed

On the beach of Bilbi no showers
On the beach of Bilbi there is no relief

On the beach of Bilbi is fought
On the beach of Bilbi do not need hondartzainas

On the beach of Bilbi no showers
On the beach in Bilbi there is no relief station
Wants to leave there are never many
On the beach of Bilbi do not need hondartzainas

Track Name: Dirty Rock 'n Roll Was very drunk to be able to walk
I heard two guitars, I said to myself, what will it be?
Sweet melody of a dirty rock 'n roll
Two guys like crazy roaring a song.

I knew I was carrying ten more beers
I was peeling, I wanted to touch
I pushed my way through the crowd
They said "drunk, walk, touch it" ... and I touched her.

I knew there was something stronger than alcohol and I let myself go. Chuck Berry by my side was a normal guy and I screamed. A brutal sound, the tall glasses about to toast.

Al five minutes of a single sidewalk
I noticed that people looked at me fatal
Maybe it was the style that did not convince them
I think they were poperos, bacalas or worse

It got worse, the end was nearing me
The glasses so high were pointing at me
The bombing starts, here's going to be a mess
To see how I leave this whore situation ... and I left

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And it's a Gibson Les Paul

Track Name: Lentil dish Finish the lentil dish
You dressed like a vagabond
What are you doing on the street until so late?
Do not you see that in your house is tol world?
Stop touching like a monkey
Wash your mouth with bleach
It's my house and here are some rules and you're going to respect them

How do you come with these notes?
Why are your eyes so red?
You do not do more than give me dislikes
All your friends are very stupid
Think only a little in your future
You smell the breath to kalimotxo
At the end you will catch the bull and you'll regret it

Remember, this I do for your good,
within not too long, you'll have to thank me
Remember, this I do for your good, You do not know what you want, but I do know.

Track Name: Self-sufficiency I look in the mirror and I'm happy and I never think of anyone but me. I read books I do not understand more than I,
I hear tapes that I've recorded with my voice

Closed in my house, everything gives me the same
I do not need anybody, I will never go out

And I bathe in cold water non-stop
and I cut myself with razor blades
I lie on the floor of my room and I see my body in decay.

Closed in my house everything I care about
I do not need anyone, I will never leave
And now I'm independent, I no longer need people
I'm already self-sufficient, / p> Track Name: Azkuna Matata -Don't give me the sheet
-The sheet I take it, that for that I am wood. Save that guitar! "You do not go cowboy, I'm not afraid of you. I do not feel like it
-It's forbidden to scream! - I forbid you to ban!
Azkuna Matata stops bothering, dies and let us live

You walk, do not touch, do not drink and do not smoke,
do not ride a bike, do not play or laugh, do not go outside, do not sing, do not screams,
do not fly the kite and go to sleep !!

Track Name: The degeneration of the zombie Yesterday it smelt bad, today I smell worse
I cut a finger, now I'm better > I live in a herd, I clean myself with my urine
Girl, come with me, I have powder in the nose

Urbanos Marranos
Mossos disgust

Is your pubic hair my floss? > The dirt of your navel I smoke it in albal
My expired body begins to rot
I no longer have hands, or virile member

Bile, bleach, biscuits Maria. Doctor Romero has told me that I'm wrong
I ate three nurses and I want a rectal touch
The brain rat will not let me live
It's too late, I do not want to go out anymore .

Azkuna, Ares, Kukutza, morireis

Track Name: What's left? Little by little you notice that these people are forcing you to feel things that you did not feel. How little they deserve something much worse than they do to legal people.

It's not normal for those who send them to be the same as fucking, but the worst is that it's nothing new.
Do not fuck, do not you think about approaching me
imposing on me a way of being. The force of a hundred waterfalls, the heat of a thousand bonfires
the light of five hundred moons, if that within the one you stay, it will not serve you pa'nada, you'll have to know how to use it ,
think what your goal is. Organize your anger.

To that rage that you have been accumulating so much time, to put injustice and hatred and they will say you violent.
The fire inside you is stronger than the rifle of any military

Think it, we are surrounded by wood,
Why not join it and make a big bonfire ?
Winning increases, burns or burns,
it's time to netrar in heat.

What is left for us?

Track Name: Dreaming of the cacas Dreaming of the cacas with being white and dry

When we were children there were politxagüen, txunteros ashtray and more heavys in the streets.
The Aerial Pont, the Jazzberri and the Chassis
The cathedrals of techno were on the TV.

Where are the dogs that shit white?
but what ostia happens? Why do not they look so much?
Times have changed, Where are the Morancos?
They are all rotten, pricking themselves in childbirth

They dream of being white and dry

  • Adam Floyd