Those who like music and popular sound will find in this compilation 22 Super Hits two great representatives. One of them is Armando Hernández, a prominent Colombian singer and musician (he plays the accordion) who brings the rhythm of the cumbia coast typical of his area and which has been so well known in our country. The other is Pastor López, a Venezuelan who became a successful cultor of the Colombian tropical, confirming that Colombian music has imposed itself beyond its own borders. Both artists have achieved great success in their country and in several Latin American countries such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico among others.

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Topic List
01.- Armando Hernández / What I'll Do Without You
02.- Pastor Lopez / Traicionera
03.- Armando Hernández / Loquito Por Ti
04.- Pastor López / Your Carcel
05.- Armando Hernández / Freedom
06.- Pastor López / Mentirosa
07.- Armando Hernández / Por Retenerte
08.- Pastor López / The Echo Of Your Goodbye
09.- Armando Hernández / The Time That You Go Free
10.- Pastor Lopez / Only A Cigar
11.- Armando Hernández / How Hard Was It Olvidarte
12 .- Pastor López / Strike with Strike
13.- Armando Hernández / I do not want to grow old
14.- Pastor Lopez / El Absente
15.- Armando Hernández / Esperandote
16.- Pastor Lopez / It Was For A Beer
17.- Armando Hernández / Old Horse
18.- Pastor Lopez / El Negro José
19.- Armando Hernández / In Silence I'm Loving You 20.- Pastor Lopez / The Missing Son
21.- Armando Hernández / Lost
22.- Pastor Lopez / Paying

  • Adam Floyd