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Boat-billed Heron, a chocuaco (photo by Jeff Worman).


Challenges Tour , the local company offering interesting tours in and around San Vito, helped us plan a great day trip to the Boat-billed Heron colony near Paso Real on Friday, January 23, 2015. We had two guides from Challenges, owner-operator Henry Barrantes and his assistant Justyn Rodriguez, who arranged tripods and helped our 14-member group see Red-eared Slider turtles, Forest Giant dragonfly, Least Grebes, Purple Bird of the Day: Sungrebe, found by Greg Homer!

SUNGREBE ! (Photo by Jeff Worman)

Other notable "landlubber" birds included Olivaceous Piculet, Plain Xenops, Molting Summer Tanager, Duetting Riverside Wrens, and Steaked Flycatcher. have not visited The Choquacos in several years and the owner, Miguel Antonio Lopes, has made some improvements including a covered dock extending out onto the lake where we were able to set up our scope to get additional views of the Sungrebe. The two swimming pools were a nice attraction for some as was lunch: a fresh tilapia married with patacones, rice, salad and a big shot of Rompopo for dessert.

PS Wally Barton Avian Pop Quiz: what family of birds have the most feathers? Yes, penguins!

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SVBC at Los Chocuacos (photo by Henry Barrantes)

Participants : from left to right Jo Davidson, Terry Farling, Wendy Russell Bernstein, Julie Girard, Alison Olivieri, Wally Barton, Barbara Keeler Barton, kneeling Greg Homer, Helen LeVasseur, Portia Wilkinson, Roni Chernin, Denise Worman, Jeff Worman and Pat Morgan.

Other notable land birds included the olive carpenter, the petite peccary, a tangara summer changing, a duet of Pechibarreteados soterreyes and we had not visited Los Chocuacos in several years and the owner, Miguel Antonio Lopes, has made some nice improvements including a covered pier that extends into the lake where we could establish our field of vision in order to have additional views of the American bird. The two pools were a great attraction for some, as was lunch: a married couple of fresh tilapia with patacones, rice, salad and a large glass of Rompope for dessert.

Wally Barton gets a free beer next time by correctly answering the bird surprise quiz: Which bird family has the most feathers? Yes, the penguins!

A beautiful, birdy site - Los Chocuacos is near Paso Real (photo by Henry Barrantes).

Barb and Wally Barton : Barb and Wally Barton, Roni Chernin, Jo Davidson, Terry Farling, Julie Girard, Helen and Greg Homer, Pat Morgan, Alison Olivieri, Wendy Russell Bernstein, Portia Wilkinson, Denise and Jeff Worman.

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