vabau: Prou ​​pluja! / Enough with rain!

If you have visited some time, the caution of Vabau has proved that you have a petit jardí on a estiu hi volen ocells de papel de tots color. Aquest any, però, per molt that the ocells of paper are punt per aixecar the vol, the vent i the pluja do not let them draw. The poor s'han d'acontentar amb look at the finestra i hope you get them canviïn. Els peixos i els conills, as you can imagine, there are also ends in the seas of that time, and I will not be able to see the day when this will be a manifestation of the people that s'agafin vacances i ens dejin gaudir del bon temps or that followed a tin. Nosaltres are amb ells. Do not volem that a s'ganganxi hivern amb l'altre. Volem that arribi the sun, that s'instal·li damunt dels nostres caps i ens escalfi with if fossil pollets d'incubator. Prou de ploure, si us plau! If you have ever visited the burrow of Vabau you will know that we have a small garden where in summer fly colored birds of paper. This year, however, as much as the paper birds are ready to lift the flight, the wind and rain will not let them out. The poor must be content to look out the window and wait for the temperatures to change. Fish and rabbits, as you can imagine, are also up to the nose of the bad weather and we would not miss anything that one day make a demonstration to ask the clouds to take vacations and let us enjoy the good weather or be a little while. We are with them. We do not want one winter to get caught up with the other. We want the sun to rise, to be installed over our heads and to warm us like chicks an incubator. Stop the rain, please!

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  • Adam Floyd