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Someone who gets good DIY is lucky not to have to spend a lot of money on furniture or decoration, because with the simple fact of recycling old furniture already has enough. We have seen ways to reuse a baby crib, wooden chairs and even how to create garden furniture with antique furniture you have at home.

Today we are going to teach you the steps that this bricomaniaca followed to recycle the blinds that you had in your garage and turn them into beautiful and original flower boxes to plant your flowers.

1 - Select the blinds you will use

Diana, our handyman, chose some he had bought it at street markets in his city and in antique stores many years ago. Take a good look because you may also have some shelves and do not use them for anything in your storage room.

Hometalk / Diana Wearing

2- Cut the blinds as you wish

Cut the blinds fixing the height you want for the gardener. When you already have all the pieces, get yourself two square planks for the sides.

Hometalk / Diana Wearing

3- Mounts the planter

Mounting the planter is the easiest. Put all the pieces in their proper place and attach them with a nail gun.

Hometalk / Diana Wearing

You can also add a shooter in the center to give it the look of antique drawers.

Hometalk / Diana Wearing

This project was so easy to do that they did not hesitate to make several more planters.

Hometalk / Diana Wearing

The blinds give a rustic touch to the planter that blends perfectly with any type of flower or plant that you want to plant inside.

Hometalk / Diana Wearing

No doubt it's the most original bathroom organizer you can find.

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You can not deny that this headboard is absolutely beautiful. Paint the shades of the color you like most and place them behind the bed, it will give an ideal touch to the room.

Forever Decorating

3- Shelf

Join several blinds to create a perfect shelf like this.


4- Hanging Garden

Now that the hanging gardens and wall gardens are so fashionable, this idea is great for being fashionable in decoration.

Etsy / ElizabethKateDecor


Paint it in some funny and eye-catching color and make it your daily organizer to store papers, hang up the keys, etc. > The Chic Site

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