International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey - World Falconry Day 2013

Fundo el Guayacán, Santiago

10:00 Talks
13:30 Barbecue and camaraderie
16:30 Hommage to Felipe Camiroaga
17:00 Presentation birds in Hawking with Harris haw
20:00 Talk around the firecamp
21:30 End

10:00 Welcoming to assistants, reflection about the slogan of this world falconry day. C.González
10:05 Presentation of the ¨Cafrica Association of Falconry and Conservation of Raptor Birds- C.González
10:20 Falconry techniques on the welfare of captive birds of prey.- Carolina Sánchez > 10:40 Wildlife management at the Mercedario ranch, pre-scholar environmental education.- Víctor Rojas, IV Region
11:00 Birds of prey of Chile - Francisco Fadell, VI Region
11:20 Falconry in Scotland, a learning experience. - Julian Muhle
11:40 Hawking in Colchagua valley- Francisco Fadell, VI Region
12:00 How, when and where to start. Practical and legal - C Gonzalez
12:20 World falconry festival Abu-Dhabi 2011- Andrés Cancino - 12:40 Birds of prey of Puerto Montt- Kevin Arriagada; Pto Montt
13:00 Flying variable hawks - Alvaro García; Temuco

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Exhibits and sales

p> Furniture: Hoods, gloves, swivels, leashes, and more.

Education with raptors, CEA module, Furniture in exhibits

Birds of prey display: Peregrine falcon, american kestrel , Harris hawk, variable hawk, rufous tailed hawk, pigmy owl, barn owl, andean owl, snowy owl.

  • Adam Floyd