The Vintage Corner of Karmela: Today a mandatory Christmas post: trees with a touch of genius.

And of course. It is a mandatory post for any blogger of interior trends that prevails, something that can not be missing in the Christmas decorations and the one that, by now, I suppose you have already put in your house. I speak of the Christmas trees, decoration absolutely representative internationally and that, whether natural or not, you can not miss when it comes to decorating your house for the holidays.

And since I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to share some of the Trees that I've been collecting these days from different sites, but with different designs, were designed for this purpose, leaving a little of the usual used and providing an unusual creative touch.

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There are for all types of tastes and adaptable to any trend and space, most likely some surprise and others, perhaps, you have already seen them online if you like to do searches to renew your Christmas decoration.

In any case I assure you that they are fun, elegant, surprising and uncommon, and in many cases, easy to emulate. And for you to see that it is not so difficult to make your own, at the end of the post I leave a DIY with the step by step to create one of the most copied and beautiful models of this Christmas (and the past too)

You will tell me if you dare to put a different touch on your Christmas tree ...;)

  • Adam Floyd