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BNSF Mexico transports all goods and merchandise of importance, from raw materials to finished products, whether imported or exported.

What do you need to transport by train? Do you want to transport beans to Mexico? Do you want to transport cars from Mexico? Do you want to transport electronic components from Mexico? If the freight goes into a wagon, trailer or container (even if it does not come in, as in most cases), BNSF Mexico is likely to be able to provide you with the rail transportation solution you need.

Partial list of the types of goods and merchandise that BNSF Mexico moves frequently for transport companies.

Construction materials


Chemicals and wastes


Food and Beverage

Beer and Wine

Frozen Fish and Meat Machinery

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personal use

Household items

Sporting goods and hunting

Office supplies

Paper products


Home Appliances



Cereal products

Oilseeds and coarse flour

Sprouted and roasted barley

Foods in bulk

Animal products



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