Plants in Spanish

Whether you are going to buy a bunch of flowers for a Spanish friend or if you have to tell a doctor that you are allergic to some type of pollen in Spain, this list will be of great help to you , and it will be useful in many other situations besides. In it, you will find the names of the main plant, flower and tree species that you might want to know in Spanish. Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list of every kind of plant life in the world, but it is intended as a basic level starter which will give you simple terms which you can build on later if you have a particular interest in talking about this kind of thing.

You will also see that we have put together the names for both the different parts of plants and different types of vegetation. Of course, some of these words will surprise you given their similarities to the English equivalent, because they are closely related and therefore quite easy to learn. As you can see, learning vocabulary in Spanish really is not difficult when it comes to words that are similar to this, so you should be able to get them into your mind quite easily - and then be able to recall them quite easily when it comes to it as well.

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The tree
The shrub
The plant
The flower

The leaf
The stem
The thorn
A root
A petal
The pollen

The oak
The elm
The cedar
The beech
The chestnut tree
The palm tree
The cactus

The rose
The tulip
The daisy
The violet
The carnation
The lily / The lily
The sunflower
The daffodil
The poppy
The Lilac

  • Adam Floyd