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During this week I will be talking about love and encouraging you to love the people around you. It is a very broad subject for a single article, so I will divide it into several parts. I hope you enjoy it!

We all know the description of love that is done in 1 Corinthians 13. Today I want to focus on the first three verses that appear just before that description so that we can see that nothing we do in this life is worthless if it is not motivated by love. The main purpose of Paul writing this passage was to confront the Corinthian church for its abuse and excessive reliance on spiritual gifts. That is why he dedicates the first three verses to explain to the Corinthians that love is not only something greater than any spiritual gift, but should be the engine of what we do and what we are, especially our service to the Lord . If I speak human and angelic tongues, and have no love, I am like a resounding metal, or a cymbal that grates.

human and angelic refers in the first instance to the gift of tongues that was still in force at the time when Paul writes. The Corinthians were delighted with the spiritual gifts, especially with the gift of tongues. The apostle reminds them that spiritual gifts have no meaning without love. If the gifts are not based on love, something like the gift of tongues becomes noise and nothing more.

"People of little religion are always noisy; he who does not have the love of God and man filling his heart is like an empty truck going violently down the hill: it makes a great noise, because there is nothing inside. "(Josiah Gregory, cited in Clarke)

As much as we know how to interpret the Word of God, much biblical and human knowledge that we have. As much as we are people of faith, without love, we are nothing.

The Corinthians was forgetting the motive and purpose of the gifts: that of building up the body of Christ. They were using them for their own purposes and to show themselves to others as "more spiritual."

Paul, citing the idea of ​​Jesus, refers to the faith that moved the mountains (Matthew 17:20). How amazing it would be to have faith that could accomplish the impossible! However, even that faith makes us nothing if it does not have love.

"A man with great faith can move great mountains; but will put them in the way of someone else - or just above someone else - if you do not have love! " - Spurgeon

And if I distributed all my goods to feed to the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, and I have no love, it serves me nothing.

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Jesus asked the rich young man to distribute all his goods to the poor and follow (Matthew 19: 16-23). He refused, but even if he had done it, if he had not done it out of love, it would have been useless.

The same thing happens to us today. We can give all we have, give all our time, all our money, all our life and put it in the service of God. But if our motivation is not love, they will be unnecessary actions.

Although we do something as spectacular as giving up our bodies to be martyred, if it is not an act of love, it is of no use. I can give my life for the thousands and sacrifice myself for others, but if my motivation to do so is not love, it will be a useless act.

What is the motivation behind what you do? What motivates you to exercise the spiritual gifts that are in you, to serve God, to sacrifice your time and money in His work? Is it the love of God and others? Or is it the desire that they see you and recognize you?

Our longing for reward must be in heaven, not here on earth. We should aspire for our Lord to tell us "well done" and give us our crowns. However, often that is not what motivates us to serve and sacrifice, but we move by what others think or by the recognition of the people around us.

Because no one can lay another foundation than the one who is set, who is Jesus Christ. And if on this foundation any one builds gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, litter, the work of each will be made manifest; for the day will declare it, for by fire it will be revealed; and the work of every one whatsoever, the fire shall taste it. If the work of one who has built up remains, he will receive a reward. If any man's work is burned, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, even as by fire.

Others can not see our motives, but God does. There will come a time when we will stand before Him and our works will be judged. Everything we do in love will remain (gold, silver, precious stones). However, everything we have done with another motivation will burn (wood, hay, litter).

Let us make sure that everything we do for the Lord is done in love. May our motivation always be our love for God and our love for others.

Content in His service,

  • Adam Floyd