Paul Ryan says government shutdown "solely done by Senate Democrats"

Once the bill was through the House on a party-line vote, it would "jam" Senate Democrats because (c) it included a six-year CHIP authorization, which it would look bad for Democrats to kill, and (d) it would put vulnerable Democratic senators in a position of going along or shutting down the government in a fit of pique over the failure of Republicans to grant an immigration "amnesty".

Ryan didn't address the ad directly and instead said they're "certainly not helping us" on the shutdown and on immigration.

"The Democrats will have a chance to open the government, that they shut down, at noon today,", Wisconsin Republican, said on Fox News.

"We do some insane things in Washington, but this is utter madness", said Ryan.

He was voted House speaker in 2015.

If the House passes a hard-line Trumpian immigration bill before sending the spending bill over to the Senate, the whole gambit of making Senate Democrats look like the ones being unreasonable on immigration policy could fall apart. Democrats were hoping to spur slow-moving immigration talks, while a handful of Republicans, including Sen.

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Ryan also said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) was going to offer a bill to fund the government through February 8. "How can you negotiate with the president, who has to sign the legislation, is like a sphinx on this issue, or says one thing one day and one thing the next?"

Republicans controlling the narrowly split chamber took up the fight, arguing that Democrats were holding the entire government hostage over demands to protect "dreamer" immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.

Republicans were demanding that a separate budget bill financing government for the rest of this year include big boosts for the military, and they accused Democrats of imperiling Pentagon funding.

Congress failed to pass a spending measure on Friday leading to the government shutdown. Trump has ended an Obama-era program providing those protections and given Congress until March to restore them, and he and Republicans want any immigration deal to include money for the president's promised wall along the Mexican border and other security measures. The Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked.

In the event of a shutdown, food inspections and other vital services would continue, as would Social Security, other federal benefit programs and most military operations. "But what's baffling about this, John, is we were in negotiations on how to solve this problem, and then they blew that up and stopped these negotiations".

  • Adam Floyd