Google Play store will soon sell audiobooks

As sales of audiobooks have exploded in recent years, and a dedicated storefront would give Google a foot in the door to capture some of those sales within its own digital ecosystem. Now, it seems that audiobooks are all set to join the list.

Apart from this, one more source suggests that the giant will also update their Google Play Books with support for Audiobooks. The report further mentions that Google Play's music library does offer some selection of audiobooks. If the banner is any indication, they should appear sometime in the near future, perhaps as early as this week.

A banner on Google Play teased the appearance of a dedicated audiobooks section.

Taking a leaf out of Audible's book (no pun intended), Google will allow users to listen to a sample chapter of an audiobook, before informing them that the rest of the book must be purchased to continuing listening, as outlined in the string below. Based on the speculation, we expect the launch before the end of Q1 2017.

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Then again, things will get a bit more cluttered with the addition of an audiobooks section.

If Google is about to enter the audiobook market, it would see the company going head to head against Amazon once more; both giants are already in direct competition when it comes to cloud storage, smart speakers and a variety of other gizmos you probably don't need in your life. It would be logical for the company to move all the audiobooks to the Google Play Store.

Google audiobooks will take on Amazon, which recently introduced support for audiobooks on its Kindle devices.

Separately, a report from Android Police claims that the Google Play Books app would also be updated to include audiobooks. Audiobooks and ebooks will be split into separate tabs, according to changes made in the app's code.

  • Desiree Holland