Thailand Reptiles and Amphibians Herping Tours |

Reptiles and amphibians in Thailand are huge in number and diversity of species. This year I have been to more herping Thailand tours than any of the previous years. First, I have been looking for snakes, but you will find, of course, many other types of animals - lizards, lizards and frogs being some of the most abundant and interesting to me. In 2015 I am looking for a number of Herping Solo Travels from across the country on short expeditions to see if I can find some of the snakes I have not seen yet. I'm also considering some personalized trips with friends and snake enthusiasts who are looking for something more than the 'pack' em in as the type of snake turns herping sardines find.:

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'A typical and typical terrestrial reptile amphibians focused hiking herping we were going to snakes - snakes, kraits, snakes, rat snakes, kukri, keelbacks, cat-eye snakes, etc. frogs and toads lizards and lizards butterflies spiders - tarantulas, etc. Hunstman Scorpions, Centipede Birds

There is an incredible diversity of wildlife in Thailand, and more and more I'm going to meet people through my Youtube channel and this website, who are interested in going out to see what we can find. In 2013 and 2014 he has come out with dozens of people and captured more than 100 snakes, many frogs, lizards, scorpions, spiders, etc. It's so much fun, and I think more people would enjoy it if they knew something like this was available.

  • Adam Floyd