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Our Pitufin has already 6 months and we started with the "real" food. We take 2 weeks following the method BLW (baby led weaning) that is, the child eats alone and large pieces. Pitufin likes it and so do we. So, it messes a lot ...

Here is a summary of the first 2 weeks.

Day 1: Baked carrot. I do not know if I get to eat anything, it was quite difficult to handle. Day 2: Today only milk ..., we spent all day outside and we had nothing prepared.

Day 3: Cooked potato. You look disgusting, you did not like it.

Day 4: Steamed broccoli. Hmmm ... not too bad. Easier to handle too.

Day 5: Boiled potatoes and carrots. Again these potatoes ..., tried a little but still looks disgusting. We also gave water, I played with the glass, I do not know if I get to drink anything.

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Day 6: Banana. Very difficult to handle.

Day 7: Potato, carrot and chicken. Noooooo .... again potatoes. He managed to bite a piece of carrot and the piece went badly and came out with some milk, but then he put the carrot back in his mouth. I suppose this frightens parents more than children. We gave a very small piece of our roasted chicken, I loved it and ate it with desire, but we did not want to give it more as I was not prepared for it.

Day 8: Apple compote. It's not too bad and spoon-eating is a lot of fun.

Day 9: Today Pitufin is 6 months old and we celebrate it with broccoli and potatoes. This time I cooked the potatoes with dill and did not look so disgusting, I do not know if it is because it had better flavor for the dill or is already getting used to the new food.

Day 10: We repeat, broccoli and potatoes (with dill)

Day 12: Today we were going to try on rice, but it has a fever and it is painful so we will leave it for another day.

Day 13 and 14: Keep on fever, just drink milk. >

  • Adam Floyd