Pallets Workshop in Plantation of Dreams - YouTube

Pallets Workshop in Plantation of Dreams

A project that is born at the eaves of ANUFASAM and HDD Sol De Esperanza

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A shared dream of winning inequality, to poverty and solitude ... A dream of being together, an inclusive community, where we all participate in the construction of capital and social welfare. The pallet workshop is a relational space to learn together to care for and support each other, to recognize ourselves in permanent transformation, repairing and constructing one another, telling our stories, their joys, their hopes and also their wounds, filling them with life , new projects, friends, sustainable well-being. We receive and collect scrap wood or in disuse and next to them, all that we want, we are part of a process of loving and creative bonds, where our dreams germinate and their fruits multiply. Some stick, others cut, some who sand, or polish, varnish, hold ... we all add up.

For a few Plantation of Dreams it has meant coming back after a long confinement, for others a rebirth of the body, mind and heart, even a space of preparation for work ... we invite you to be part , do not stay outside, do not lose anything with try, the only thing you need to join, is to bring your dream and we planted it together !!!!

Health is a right that we must guarantee all together . .the best therapy is to exercise it through permanent and inclusive participation in the development of our community.

  • Adam Floyd