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Legend has it that long ago in indigenous times, in a village far from the Indian village lived a man named Hilario, a good and kind but somewhat solitary man.

The sunrises and sunsets have seen him in the company of solitude, his music, the stillness of the plain and the sadness of the countryside.

I walked through the nearby villages hoping to meet a woman to accompany his life, that beautiful woman that she had seen in her dream.

I dreamed daily of a beautiful young woman who kept company in her home, dreamed that they lived happily, the house was the same but better decorated, full of beautiful flowers of all the colors and birds of all species sang at their entrance gate to the ranch. One morning he met Rosa, a lovely creole, nice and funny, a neighbor in a nearby town, since that day. Hilario's life changed forever.

The gaucho lived very happy with his beloved, dawns and sunsets were no longer solitary, the ranch had become a beautiful home just as he had dreamed, full of flowering plants of all colors and hundreds of birds were trilling in their red-colored stall.

true concert at the beginning and end of the day, it was the gift of the local birds, the wind brought love, peace and hope, filled the house with fresh air and happiness, the moon sat more time on the house of Hilario giving away flashes of love to this pair of lovers, the sun entered quietly through the crack of the door, to catch the naked couple after a long night of love, blushing as he witnessed the beautiful body of the beautiful woman.

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p> But like all things nothing is forever, destiny works mysteriously and in matters of love is very capricious. One day the gaucho left his beloved wife alone, he had to attend a neighboring town.

There was a cacique named Amuray, an eternal lover of Rosa, although Rosa had rejected him several times, he did not lose hope and constantly went looking for it, as you know the one who seeks, one day he found his beloved Rosa, a lot the cacique was angry when he learned that Rosa accepted Hilario's love, I swear under the moon that his love would come, Amuray could not contain his anger, he decided that he had to kidnap the beautiful woman, he had only to wait for the right moment, since

The fate favored Amuray to fulfill her mission, noting the absence of Hilario and being Rosa alone ended her evil work.

When the gaucho returned from his exhausting journey, he came home very eager to see his dear Rosa, ignoring the terrible news that awaited him, found his home empty, in the backyard there were signs of fighting and traces of horse leaving rumb ranch or to Indian lands, the gaucho reached conclusions and went in search of the feared kidnapper, reached half way, the men braided in a fierce fight, but finally Hilario was able to recover his beloved who was agonizing, to take her in her arms she surrendered in his beloved's arm and passed away. Desperate I cry without consolation for his beloved Rosa, while he cried his name, the night took him by surprise, sat on the floor with his love in his arms , with his head tilted to his heart, trying to hear a few beats of life, the dream overcame him and fell asleep.

The next day the first rays of light woke the gaucho, he woke up with hope that it was only a dream, from afar he heard beautiful melodies, when he opened his eyes his beloved was gone, in his arms was a wooden box in the form of a woman, touching it came angelic and mysterious melodies.

The beautiful guitar plays the role to accompany the pains and feelings of those who have the gift of making their magic melodies, this is the true birth of the instrument in the form of a woman, for a divine gift Rosa could return to the guitar.

I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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