About us

LA MORENA S.p.A. in Chile with its brand NEW EXTREMADURA

The Virgen de los Milagros mill is located in the well-known Extremadura town of Bienvenida, within the region of Tentudía, for the elaboration of oil by its climatic conditions, and where in perfect symbiosis the olive tree is part of the earth and the land of the olive tree.

In this endearing environment this young family company is built up from the foundations with the most modern technologies in both facilities and cutting-edge machinery.

The quality of our oil has been so gratefully acknowledged that we have had to considerably increase our grinding and storage capacity, from grinding 1,500,000 kg in the inauguration campaign (1997-1998) to 8-9,000,000 kg in the last few years.

We also wanted to make a great effort in improving the quality of our products with the implementation of an ISO 9001 Quality System, and a 14001 certificate by AENOR, and the commissioning of an ecological oil production line, as well as extensions and improvements in the areas of production, storage and packaging, in order to be more functional and competitive.

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WHAT WE ARE: Producers of olives and agro-food manufacturers Extremeños, settled in Almendralejo, Welcome, Santa Amalia and Badajoz, Spain.


With the need to be present in the destination markets; we have opened commercial offices in Santiago de Chile in 2014 as a base of operations in Latin America.

WE PRODUCE AND PREPARE: Extra virgin olive oil, both monkey varietals like Arbequina, Picual, Morisca, Manzanilla and Organic.

We process preserved Manzanilla Olive with twelve presentations and flavors.

We also manufacture a wide variety of pates; about seventy presentations and Iberian sausages, as well as ten varieties of tomato sauces, either for the Horeca channel, or for the final consumer. Our experience as farmers and the need to complete and integrate manufacturing with international marketing, allow us to offer the best, by volume already. a competitive price.

  • Adam Floyd