10 Activities you should NOT miss in Paracas

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The city of Paracas is located in a privileged area of ​​ Peru >. It belongs to the ecoregion of the Pacific desert, a system that runs along the entire South American west coast from the Pacific to the Andes. Its subtropical climate gives it special conditions that make it the perfect area to carry out many activities of all kinds, attracting tourists from all over the world with a wide range of interests.

offer the city of Paracas and its surroundings are endless.
In this article we will focus on those we consider the ten activities that you should not miss in Paracas.

Paracas National Reserve

This is our list of the best activities in Paracas that you can not miss:

Paracas National Reserve

Without a doubt, one of the star activities of the area. Its creation dates back to 1975 and receives a figure of 100 thousand visitors per year. The Reserve is located in the most desert area of ​​the Peruvian coast, and at the same time is located in one of the richest sea areas with cold water.

For nature lovers, this is a place you can not miss. You can find birds such as pelicans, tendrils, parihuanas, arctic plovers, Peruvian potoyunco or Humboldt penguins; mammals like the gossip or the bufeo; fish such as stingray or pampano; or other fascinating animals such as muimuy, gecko or leatherback turtles.

But not only that, through tours in Paracas you can discover the magic of "El Candelabro", a geoglyph of 120 meters in length , as well as the remains of the imposing rock formation of "La Catedral".

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From the resort of Paracas you can take boat tours that will take you to the islands, a natural refuge for species such as Humboldt penguins, currently in danger of extinction.

Another major attraction is to be able to hear the concert of the howls of the herds of sea lions that inhabit the islands (fine and chuscos).

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Discover the mysteries of the Nazca Lines

p> There are several tours from Paracas that allow the overflight to the Nazca Lines (see tours). These famous Lines are the representation of animals, plants and forms on the surface of the Nazca desert - in the Pampas de Jumana - and are UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

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Nazca lines from Paracas

Archaeological visit to the ruins of Tambo Colorado

Tambo Colorado, which owes its name to the reddish color, are a group of constructions among which are the best preserved of adobe of all Peru. In its time (1450 AD) it was one of the most important Inca settlements on the coast.

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Dune Buggy in Paracas

Feel the excitement within venturing among the desert dunes with a buggy, just a few kilometers from the National Reserve. Fun assured with landscapes of amazing beauty. Ideal for all, from children with private services to control the pace and speed to groups of maximum and full adrenaline.

The Serene Sea of ​​the Bay: Discover the Bay of Paracas in the most original way: by kayak! A new experience that will transmit peace and tranquility in the middle of the sea, amid the most beautiful animals, in the middle of the world.

Kayak in Paracas

Biking in Paracas

Discover the last corner: U na of the best ways to discover an area like Paracas is the bicycle. It gives you an absolute freedom to enjoy this unparalleled environment.

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Biking in Paracas

p> Biking in Paracas

Paragliding in Paracas:

Do you like heights? Do not miss the opportunity to see Paracas from another point of view. Fly by the birds and look from above as the waves break. It is simply magic, and if you are a lover of photographs, this is the plan for you!

Paragliding in Paracas

Quads in Paracas

Quads tours on the different trails in the Paracas Reserve is one of the most dynamic and adventurous ways to discover the area. Paracas Diving Tour

Paracas Diving Tour

Paracas Diving Tour The beauty of the seabed, last but not least, an activity that we could not leave behind: diving. And is that a sea area as rich as Paracas is a unique place for lovers of this sport. Dive together to the most amazing and beautiful marine species of the South American coast.

Diving in Paracas




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