WWE star Roman Reigns linked to massive steroid investigation

Richard Rodriguez, a Miami gym owner who was arrested last February as part of a $10 million steroid production and distribution ring, said in a recent YouTube video that Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anoa'i, had ties to the operation.

If that is indeed the case, The Miz will become an 8 time Intercontinental Champion, which will leave him one title reign shy of tying Chris Jericho's all time record with 9 IC Title wins. "I've worked with a lot of A-list celebrities". Another source close to the actor says that Wahlberg has never heard of Rodriguez. He plans to name those and more names in a documentary filmed "face-to-face" at the prison, which it sounds like Bravo will direct.

'Our relationship worked well for a bit but then I made a decision to cherry-pick who I wanted to work with, ' Rodriguez said. Nah, he just has a good steroid dealer.

Almost two years ago, Roman Reigns was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness policy.

"He [Reigns] is a very down to earth person, however, a situation involved in which... often times when you're brought to trials - which I was not, I made a decision to take a plea - however, they disclose discovery".

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The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is being pushed as the face of the company, and could possibly headline his fourth consecutive WrestleMania event.

It's unclear how WWE will handle the allegations against Reigns.

Meltzer also noted that even if Reigns was somehow proven to be a part of this Miami steroid ring, the most likely outcome is that he'd simply be suspended by WWE for 60 days, as it would be his second violation of the Wellness Policy.

'His comments only go to show that the problem is not with the supply but with the demand'.

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