New York State: Local burden evident again

Below are excerpts from those statements.

Overall, Cuomo said the money would be used to help pay for education and health care, the two costliest items in the budget. Lawmakers hope to approve a final budget by the April 1 deadline.

Ortt said the payroll-tax proposal could end up worsening the state's economic climate, while the tax on the makers of opioids could drive up costs for patients who need the painkiller.

Errigo said drastic spending cuts and are needed to make NY affordable "for families and businesses alike". New York City needs to fund it 50 percent. Families and businesses across NY should be wary of the term "revenue raisers" - which are unlikely to help their bottom line.

Ending an energy services sale tax exemption and expanding a number of tax enforcement measures, such as a new effort to ensure all of New York's cigar taxes are collected. So you have to raise revenue, " Cuomo said Tuesday in presenting his budget plan. "You love them both, " he said. And he'd rein in increases planned for the property tax rebate program known as STAR.

"There are many reasons to want to protect and preserve our lakes, especially the ones that are tourist draws and the ones that people live on but this funding and the acknowledgement from the state is encouraging", Assemblyman Stec said.

"My point is it has to be fair to all people in all industries", Cuomo continued. The financial plan also includes $175 million in new capital funding for the MTA. "We must also improve the climate for businesses by eliminating burdensome and costly regulations that make it hard for them to grow and create jobs".

$26.6 billion for school aid: An increase of $7.6 million, up 3 percent, from past year.

"When I hear the governor talk about raising taxes, new surcharges, and deferring credits that businesses expect, I cringe", the senator said.

Gallivan represents New York's 59th Senate District which includes all of Wyoming County and portions of Livingston and Erie counties.

The plan grows the $48 billion gap between what NY sends to Washington and what comes back in Federal spending, ultimately raising taxes, he said.

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Between July 2015 and July 2016, NY state lost a net 191,367 residents to other states, the most of any other state.

The state is facing its first major budget crunch since Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) took office in 2011-an estimated $4.4 billion budget gap-which comes on the heels of the new federal tax overhaul expected to have a devastating impact on downstate suburban residents.

The federal tax cut plan championed by President Trump tends to punish high tax states like NY.

The Dream Act, which would provide state tuition assistance to undocumented immigrants, enjoys the support of 60% of voters and 59% support legislation that would strengthen New York's abortion laws.

Among the biggest single revenue raisers is something Cuomo called an "opioid surcharge" of 2 cents per milligram of prescription opioids sold in NY that he said will be paid by manufacturers to raise $170 million to help combat the drug addiction problem.

Butler reiterated his stance on the budget in the release, adding that "Washington's been blamed, falling revenue has been blamed, but it always come down to this - the state spends more than what it can". That could cost some typical middle-class families and upper middle-class families with high property taxes a lot of money.

Despite the fiscal peril the governor insists we face, today's presentation failed to make a commitment to actually reduce spending.

"It's time to take a fine tooth comb and review the fiscal efficacy of programs such as Start-Up NY and the Regional Economic Development Councils to see if taxpayers are really getting a positive return on their investment for these programs", Tedisco stated. Families and businesses across NY should be wary of the term "revenue raisers" - which are unlikely to help their bottom line.

"We've said it should be split 50/50 New York State/New York City", he said.

"Despite how complicated it may be, I think it's too important to not tackle it head on".

  • Rita Burton