Invocation to the birds | Gardenia

Track Name: The Simurg -Track Name: Golem Dry dewdrops, so they clean the soul.

Dance around the fire, ashes that will raise prayers.

Earth and salt; they submerge my body in sunlight and in willows awake. Even though I receive life today, I am from the water and she will take my last breath ... my last voice, I know that this moment is nothing in time, free I let the leaves guide.

They buried clouds on my back to breathe heavens, strong stems are my legs: wind blows against and I will never fall.

Earth and salt; they submerge my body in sunlight and in willows awake. Even though I receive life today, I am from the water and she will take ...

Track Name: Milkimeda Where do you keep the glow, if I never denied you the light?

Pure essence of the garden that fed with new air this love ... new life.

If this galaxy is going to explode you will not find me a sea and indoors let the destination arrive. They change the skies, there are no stars ... suffer the earth if the sun goes away.

Where will my story go if you leave? Where will my eyes keep so much beauty? .... Guide my soul to a place where time stops without reason and thus understand that in this life we ​​are nothing.

Invocation to the birds | Gardenia

If this galaxy is going to explode, it will change our course and I will see you leave in flowers made clouds . not a light year will be able to move away from feeling your charm, after all the heart is what unites us. > Track Name: Wind and travel Look carefully at who you are going to direct the brightness of your days, as you will be called, who will you be this time ...

And perhaps we will find ourselves in dreams, where you will keep secrets and it is that here flowers never die , this world is special ... let's play to be wind and travel.

Eleven nights we saw points in the immensity and God, like a great cloud covers the ground, there is no remedy I know that I will lose myself in the fog.

It is no use asking the wind to take everything, a strange language marks the threads of that being that will come ...

Track Name: Where the sea Something is happening are landscapes where the sea ​​becomes heaven. Strange lights on this trip ... will be the green or my memories. There is so much love ... there are so many things well hidden in the depths of this earth.

Looking at the horizon: our way of feeling that there is a God.

Something is happening slowly I'm lost in my days, it will be your presence ... it will be the nights with your timid embrace. And the moon guides us thus to eat of its fruits and to feel that the sea becomes sky at some point of the trip, in some corner of our bodies this silver is drawn is drawn this silver being.

We pretend to be butterflies in the wind, eternal rite where the sea becomes heaven.

Track Name: Be alive Again we will invoke the Wind Lord, drag and carry everything; is that there is no other way of seeing light here.

Again the clouds fell on my sky, Eolo for being asleep forgot our eternal covenant sealed a winter: "I only exist and he pushes me towards where the sun shines ... towards you." I am only one leaf but in this strange calm always tries to take off ... Hundreds of dry souls will fall from the top of this tree that little by little is dying sad and the sky is still cloudy ... I conjure up the wind and that the lights come alive in me.

Track Name: Carlssin "One goes and returns ... maybe one gets lost"

In his time there is only light, however it shines in the past ... 7 trips from the center vi and fate permeates the pupils carrying me to it today.

Before birth, he knew when he departed that in time his soul remains. 7 trips from the center vi, it repeats the sun on the heights and the eternal landscape ... "everything reminds me of that morning when the wind took my voice to better understand the days, in silence see: everything grows, lives and dies low the same sun "

Track Name: Maskaram Things that I invent and do not make sense, that guide my steps with fixed direction to the star that one day shone ... and the empty sky indicates to me that time has passed (and in a a thousand times I spill over a spark the sap I carry and this eternal song, which serves as a bridge between the cosmos and that emotion ...

Things I lose and find hidden under a river of calm waters, always waiting : two caresses in soul, that the conscience burns the forms and thus to see that "I AM A PART OF HEAVEN".

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  • Adam Floyd