Amazon Echo Spot Smart Clock: All You Need To Know

Customers can order the device, which combines numerous abilities of Amazon's Alexa with a display screen, on Amazon's website, with shipping of the Echo Spot scheduled to begin on 24 January, said Amazon.

HAS launched its latest Echo device in the United Kingdom - the Echo Spot. The design of the Spot is one of the best we've seen from Amazon, though. Or you can use to look through compatible Wi-Fi enabled security cameras. If you're buying this as a video device, the Echo Show is likely the best choice. You're getting a little more tech with the Echo Show, but the Echo Spot might be the more useful device depending on your needs.

With a screen and front-facing camera, it packs in the functionality of a bigger Echo but in a smaller, more eye-catching design.

Amazon recently began its India operations with three Echo smart speakers - the Echo Dot, the Echo and the Echo Plus.

That's because the USA retailer has just announced the United Kingdom launch of its all-new Echo Spot.

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Both the Echo Show and the Echo Spot are headlined by smart displays that serve up contextual information, while enabling video calls and media playback. This is a new-ish addition to Alexa in the United Kingdom that's been in the U.S. for some time now. The device is similar to its sibling called the Echo Dot, this is the lighter version of the Echo Show and, like the show, it has a screen, except here it's squeezed into a bedside alarm clock-style form factor.

However, the screen is great for displaying a clock- and you can set, cancel, and snooze alarms with your voice.

Amazon launched its first screen-carrying Echo - the Echo Show - in the United Kingdom at the end of previous year, with the device able to display video news briefings as well as make video calls and show song lyrics.

Like the Echo Dot there's an integrated speaker and we were surprised with how good it sounds.

That's the thing with the Amazon Echo Spot - much like other Echo devices, Amazon wants you to have a multitude of them in your home so you always have access to video chat no matter where you are. He said: "Once Amazon or Google get their customer, it opens an incredible opportunity to sell more speakers for new rooms, and lock out their competitors in that household".

  • Desiree Holland